Fish Shell rewritten in Rust will cause performance degradation

fish is a command line shell suitable for Linux and macOS. Its name is  taken from the abbreviation of "the  f riendly  interactive shell ". Its biggest feature is that it is easy to use, powerful, intelligent and user-friendly. Many other shell functions that require configuration are provided by fish by default and do not require any configuration.

Project maintainer Fabian Boehm responded to the progress of rewriting Fish Shell using Rust on GitHub today  , saying that it is almost complete.

According to the developers, they have completed most of the porting work from C++ to Rust, but there are still some remaining components that need to be translated. Currently, they are dealing with strongly coupled components such as readers, screen handling, input and pagers related to the input system. Once these components are translated, all that's left is the loose ends and removing the C++ dependencies from the build system.

The developers say this is not a project suitable for casual contributions , as there is still a lot of work to be done.

Additionally, the developers answered some questions and misconceptions about porting. They said they will not remove all C++ code and have no plans to port it to the Windows platform. They also said they won't be changing Fish Shell's name or mascot, and as for the performance of the final port, they said early results are encouraging but may be about 20% slower than existing versions in some cases .

Finally, they mentioned that even after the initial porting work is completed, the project still has a lot of work to do.


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