LG sets up webOS development team

LG Electronics announced that it will reform its organizational structure and establish a webOS development team.

On November 24, LG Electronics announced that it would reform its organizational structure to enhance competitiveness and promote growth. The restructuring plan includes the establishment of a new sales and marketing company for the international business, headed by Thomas Yoon, former president and CEO of LG Electronics North America, to manage sales subsidiaries around the world, as well as the direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales business group .

In addition, LG Home Entertainment will establish a webOS software development team to improve the strength of this smart TV operating system, which will be directly led by the company's president; it will also establish an XR business unit directly under the headquarters. The appliance and air solutions company will add an engineering sales division and integrate it into the home business of other divisions to create synergies with its existing product lineup for the home space. The vehicle parts solutions company will establish a global customer strategy department directly under the headquarters.

webOS is a smart TV operating system based on the Linux kernel. Its predecessor is a smartphone operating system developed by Palm. It was first released to the public in 2009. HP acquired Palm in 2010, but then terminated the Palm mobile phone and operating system projects, and decided to open source  webOS in 2011 .

In 2013, LG announced the acquisition of HP's webOS department, including system source code and employees. The operating system has since been used by LG in products such as smart TVs and refrigerators.


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