Introduction to the MQTT protocol


MQTT [Message Queuing Telemetry Transport], expressed as a message queue telemetry transport protocol;
it is a "lightweight" communication protocol based on the Publish/Subscribe (Publish/Subscribe) mode, which is built on the TCP/IP protocol.

The biggest advantage of MQTT is that it can provide reliable message services for connected remote devices with very few codes and limited bandwidth; Wider range of applications.

MQTT is a client-server based message publish/subscribe transport protocol. The MQTT protocol is lightweight, simple, open and easy to implement. These characteristics make it widely applicable. In many cases, including constrained environments such as: machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT); among other things, sensors
communicating via satellite links, occasional dial-up medical devices, smart homes, and some small It has been widely used in chemical equipment.

MQTT client

An application or device using the MQTT protocol that always establishes a network connection to a server. Clients can:

① Publish information that other clients may subscribe to;
② Subscribe to messages published by other clients;
③ Unsubscribe or delete messages from the application;
④ Disconnect from the server.

MQTT server

The MQTT server is called a "message broker" (Broker), which can be an application or a device. It is located between message publishers and subscribers, it can:

①Accept network connections from clients;
②Accept application information published by clients;
③Process subscription and unsubscribe requests from clients;
④Forward application messages to subscribed clients.

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