A brief introduction to the Internet of Things protocol MQTT shared by Zhilian IoT, and the characteristics of the MQTT protocol

Friends who have been in contact with IoT devices should be familiar with MQTT, so what is MQTT? The editor of Zhilian IoT will share with you the brief introduction and characteristics of MQTT.

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a commonly used transmission protocol for the Internet of Things based on client/server information publishing/subscribing. Released by the developer IBM in 1999, the MQTT protocol is lightweight, simple, open and easy to implement. These characteristics also make the MQTT protocol widely applicable. In a complex and limited application environment, as an instant messaging protocol with low overhead and low bandwidth occupation, it has a wide range of applications in the Internet of Things, industrial equipment, mobile communications, etc., such as M2M machine-to-machine communication and IoT things networking. The MQTT protocol has been widely used in the Internet of Things through the data collection and communication capabilities of sensors, medical equipment, smart home and automation equipment .


The biggest feature of MQTT is to provide real-time and reliable message services for remotely connected devices with very few codes and limited bandwidth. In addition, the MQTT protocol has the following features:

1. Use the message publishing and subscription mode to solve the coupling relationship with the application;

2. Small-scale transmission with small overhead (fixed-length header is 2 bytes), minimizes protocol exchange, and saves traffic consumption;

3. Use the Last Will and Testrament features to notify relevant parties of the mechanism of abnormal client interruption;

4. Allow users to dynamically create topics, convenient and zero-cost operation and maintenance;

5. Realize network deployment with large bandwidth, low latency and high stability;

6. No restrictions on the type and format of transmitted data, ensuring data flexibility;


MQTT Protocol in Industrial Router Gateway

The industrial router gateway is a device that converts the MQTT protocol with other communication protocols (such as Modbus). MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol. The MQTT protocol is often used in Internet of Things and industrial automation applications to achieve network communication between devices.


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