Android basic questions

1. What operating system is the bottom layer of Android based on ()

A. java B. mac os   D.linux


2. DDMS in the Android development environment is the Dalvik Debug Monitor Service. The following describes the functions it provides us with the wrong description ()

A.Logcat displays the output debugging information

B. Analog phone calls

C. Receive SMS

D. Display emulator startup information, loader and other information


3. The following eclipse plug-ins that need to be used when installing and configuring the android development environment are ()

A.JDK  B.eclipse


4. The layout files in the android project are placed in that directory ()

A.res/layout   B.res/value  C.assets  D.res/drawable


5. What methods can be used to store data in Android applications ()

A. Documents





6. To view the connected devices through the adb command, the correct one is ()

A.adb device

B.adb show devices

C.adb start devices

D.adb have devices


7. Which of the following statements about <TablerRow> is correct ()

A. Represent a row in GridView

B. is one of five layouts

C. is a label representing a row in the table layout

D. Represent a line in listView


8. The query operation on the database table in Android uses the two methods in the SQLiteDatabase class to query:

A.insert() and rawQuery()

B.query() and execSQL()

C.query() and rawQuery()

D.query() and updata()


9. In the method of Android parsing xml, which one loads the entire method into memory for parsing?



10. Regarding Android application access to the network, the following statement is correct:

A. Can access any network resource like a computer

B. Can only access the WAP website

C. Access to the network must specify permissions

D. None of the above is true


11. In the Activity, you need to find a TextView component whose id is bookName. Which of the following statements is correct ()

A、TextView tv = this.findViewById(;  

B、TextView tv = (TextView)this.findViewById(;  

C、TextView tv = (TextView)this.findViewById(;  

D、TextView tv = (TextView)this.findViewById(R.string.bookName)


12. Regarding the role of Handler, which of the following are correct:  

A. The sendMessage() method can send messages to the thread that created the Handler

B. The what property of the Message object can be used to distinguish the type of message

C. The putExtra() method can pass data to the thread that created the Handler

D. Use the abort() method to interrupt the execution of the child thread


13. When the Activity exits or stops, which method can be used to save the data:

A、onDestroy()  B、onCreate()  C、onStart() D、onBind() 


14. The way to start service in Android:

A、startService B、postService C、getService  D、bindService 



15. In the Activity life cycle, what is the first method that needs to be executed

A.onStart   B.onCreate    C.onReStart   D.onResume


16. When the memory is insufficient, the system will kill some processes. The correct statement is:

A. Kill the process that consumes the most memory first 

B. First destroy the empty process (no components exist), and then destroy the process that only contains the stopped state Activity

C. If two processes have the same priority, destroy the process started earlier

D. When the phone memory is insufficient, all empty processes will be destroyed immediately

E. None of the above

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