In the long historical evolution of UNIX, UNIX is no longer the name of a specific operating system. Basically, as long as the system authorized by UNIX can be called UNIX, whether it is AIX, Solaris, HP-UX Waiting 

for the UNIX trademark to learn UNIX from SCO

, then other UNIX systems can also be used quickly. All you need is to quickly master the unique tool environment of each UNIX. 

In addition, there are more than 80% of all UNIX tools. , The configuration is all common 

classification of the current mainstream Unix 
SCO UnixWare
SUN Solaris
SGI IRIX (already in decline)



UNIX is an operating system developed by Bell Labs. At that time, the Unix system was still widely used.

As a result, Bell Labs licensed the source code of UNIX to some research institutions.

This has led to the development of numerous Unix variants based on UNIX source code. Such as the well-known BSD system.

AIX is also such a Unix variant.

Linux, on the other hand, has nothing to do with UNIX in the source code. The original code was completed by Linus and his team.

But it inherits the characteristics of UNIX in the design thought.


Unix is ​​an operating system . 
Linux is an operating system that inherits some of the characteristics of Unix . 
AIX is a Unix system .
The job is to operate the operating system , to run it with computer hardware , for people to use.
You can't play aix without buying an ibm minicomputer, because aix is ​​the operating system used for ibm minicomputers.
Linux is open source and free, you can get it anywhere, not much to say.
If you want to experience unix, you can use the x86 version of freebsd or solaris. All belong to unix.

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