Library management system (source code)

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The example uses java language to implement a web-based image management system. The front-end of the system uses bootstrap technology, which can be adapted to browsers, and realizes functions: management of books, management of book borrowing and returning information, and chart display of book information

The example code corresponding to the project can be obtained through the [Download Example] button on the right

Development tools: MyEclipse10, JDK1.7, Tomcat7, MySql5.5.60

[Contents included in the project] (see the figure below):

[library] Java source code

[sql] data script

Library management system (source code)

Example function]

1. Login page login function, enter the user name and password, tick to save the password

2. The report shows the number of books corresponding to the book category, and this week's ranking

3. Picture management function: add pictures, maintain pictures

4. Borrowing and returning books

5. Query Books: Book Fuzzy Query, Lended Books, Inventory Books

【Example renderings】

Visit the login page: http://localhost:8080/library/JSP/Login.jsp

Library management system (source code)

Library management system (source code)

Library management system (source code)

Library management system (source code)

【Instance configuration】

1. Import the sql script corresponding to the code into the mysql database

2. Refer to the corresponding jar package in the lib, otherwise the compilation will report an error

Library management system (source code)

3. Change the data source configuration information in the code


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