PHP solves the problem of returning blank when json_encode converts array to json string

Encounter problems:

When we use json_encode($res) to convert the array to a json string in the project development, but the returned result is blank, what should we do at this time?


1. To find the cause of the error, you can use the two methods that come with PHP to check the error


This function will return the cause of the current json_encode error. It returns a number. You need to see which error it is.

error code Codename description  
0 JSON_ERROR_NONE No error occurred  
1 JSON_ERROR_DEPTH Maximum stack depth reached  
2 JSON_ERROR_STATE_MISMATCH Invalid or abnormal JSON  
3 JSON_ERROR_CTRL_CHAR The control character is wrong, it may be the wrong encoding  
4 JSON_ERROR_SYNTAX Grammatical errors  
5 JSON_ERROR_UTF8 Abnormal UTF-8 characters, maybe because of incorrect encoding. PHP 5.3.3
6 JSON_ERROR_RECURSION One or more recursive references in the value to be encoded PHP 5.5.0
7 JSON_ERROR_INF_OR_NAN One or more NAN or INF values in the value to be encoded PHP 5.5.0
8 JSON_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_TYPE The value of the specified type cannot be encoded. PHP 5.5.0
9 JSON_ERROR_INVALID_PROPERTY_NAME The specified attribute name cannot be encoded. PHP 7.0.0
10 JSON_ERROR_UTF16 Malformed UTF-16 characters may be due to incorrect character encoding. PHP 7.0.0


This function will return an explanation of the reason for the error, for example: Malformed UTF-8 characters, possibly incorrectly encoded

Malformed UTF-8 characters, possibly incorrectly encoded This error is generally caused by some special Chinese transcoding garbled characters in the utf-8 encoding. Just retranslate the utf-8 encoding. The method is as follows:

$result = mb_convert_encoding($result, 'utf-8', 'UTF-8,GBK,GB2312,BIG5');


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