Share my Github open source project


Recently started using github repository project management, personal development of the Project directly open source, and to use a lot of technology stack, ideal for the novice just getting started learning the white reference. If my project is helpful to you, welcome to Star , thank you very much! If there are any shortcomings in the code, you can also point it out, and everyone can communicate and learn together.

If you can't open github, you can refer to these two articles:

Java project:

  1. Wechat dat file parsing tool
  2. Java-Shenmafuyun

C# project:

  1. Host file modification tool
  2. Time Calibrator 
  3. PDF converter
  4. PHP vulnerability scanner
  5. Multi-thread collector (crawler)
  6. Decoration accounting tool
  7. System Toolbox
  8. File batch search delete tool
  9. Dragon HelperTool
  10. Online update program

Android project:

  1. Android permission dynamic request framework (open source library):
  2. Simple example of Android component development:

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