Five good web front-end development tools, you can try them!

Many students who want to learn Web front-end do not know much about the industry before this, so it is inevitable that they will be a little weak in the choice of Web front-end development tools. Although there are many recommendations on the Internet, novice Xiaobai does not know how to start. In order to solve this problem, Xiaoqian will introduce you to five good development tools, you can try them.



Not much to say about this software. The enhanced version of Notepad is mainly used under the Windows platform. Most people should have used it. It is very light and flexible, runs fast, supports multi-window switching, and has many editable languages. It is automatic The functions such as completion, grammar prompting and checking are all good, and can be used as a good choice for getting started in front-end development.

VS Code


Most people who are engaged in web front-end development should have used it. A lightweight code editor developed by Microsoft, open source, free, cross-platform, rich in plug-in extensions, good ecological environment, supports common syntax prompts, smart completion, and code Highlights, Git and other functions, fast running speed, less memory, and high development efficiency. This software is often used in front-end web development, which is very flexible and convenient.

Sublime Text


This is also a very good code editor. The principle is not free, but there is a corresponding registration code, so it has little effect on the use. The basic functions are similar to VS Code. The syntax prompts, auto-completion, plug-in extensions and other functions are all good. The interface is simple, light and flexible, and the running speed is very fast. The only disadvantage is that the configuration is not very convenient, and there are certain version compatibility issues, but it is also a good choice for front-end web development.



This is a domestic free web front-end development software with a clean interface, soft green eye protection, light and flexible, fast running speed, powerful grammar prompts, powerful word processing functions, priority support for Markdown functions, in addition, it also comes with cloud packaging Function, you can package the webpage developed on the front-end into a mobile APP, which is very convenient to use.



This is a relatively professional software in front-end development. Compared with other software, it has a larger volume and more complex functions. Common code highlighting, smart completion, Git and other functions can be well supported by this software. In addition, it also supports code debugging, refactoring and other functions, which are often used in project management and team development. Therefore, it is a very good front-end software.

At present, just share these 5 web front-end web page programming software, which is completely enough for the zero-based entry. Of course, you can also use other programming software, such as Atom, Editplus, etc., you can also choose the one that suits you. Just kind of.

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