Technical realization of Tasgine application service platform

  • The overall technical architecture
    of Ren Qing application service platform Ren Qing Tasgine is based on Node.js development, consisting of server suite (TaskServer), application development framework (TADF), operation and maintenance management (TaskOps), Renxun client (TaskMsg), application development tools ( TaskBuilder) and application integration interface (TAPI) are composed of several parts, which can quickly develop various enterprise-level applications, and can also easily interface with third-party systems through the interface. In addition, Renxun has also created an enterprise-level application market (TaskStore), which provides a wealth of applications that can be installed and downloaded at any time.

  • Ren Qing server suite: supports distributed deployment. The elastic computing
    TaskServer server suite provides a basic server-side operating environment for various business applications, including web servers, application servers, file servers, message servers, and cache servers, etc., and supports distributed deployment And elastic computing can provide the most suitable deployment method according to different loads to meet various application scenarios.

  • Ren Qing application development framework: The basic function building block type, componentized
    TADF (Task Application Development Framework) application development framework carefully designs and encapsulates various basic functions required for application development into various development components and APIs, which are used by developers The framework can quickly develop various business applications.

  • Ren Qing application development framework:
    Multi- terminal adaptation and good compatibility with TADF application development framework provides a client-based operating environment for business applications, including three parts: Web, mobile and PC. The mobile client supports Android and iOS systems. , The Web terminal is compatible with most Web browsers on the market, and the PC client supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS systems.

  • Ren Qing Application Integration Interface
    In order to realize the integration of various information systems and facilitate unified management and user access, we provide a wealth of integration interfaces, support a variety of integration methods, and can easily integrate with third-party systems, including multiple areas in the market All of the mainstream products can be seamlessly connected, and they can be interconnected through simple configuration, and information system integration can be easily achieved.

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