About how to collect user requirements-preparation before project development

Recently, I received a project and implemented it with various selected frameworks, and made a PPT report, and then you will find that there are two points that need to be paid attention to.

If the cost of the solution you choose is relatively high, this is easy to be denied. I have carefully reflected on this matter. I probably chose 4 solutions to do it. Of course, the main one was the main one, which was denied on the spot, and then let it again the next day. I use this denied plan to do it.

Demand, I have no demand here, I don’t know what the end user’s demand is, but you still have to do this project. If I were in a serious software development company, I would have cursed the project manager to death. But in this state, I still started to do it. This talked about a method of collecting requirements.

In many companies, users don’t know what their needs are, but they still do one thing. The most they can provide you with is an idea. If you are unlucky enough, your manager in charge also doesn’t know anything, or right I don’t know anything about the development business, I just make a request, and then I don’t give you any useful information. What should I do?

It's actually very simple. You just use the observation method. When you have time, go to the department to talk more. Don't talk about your development. Collect the forms they usually use. Then come back and just imagine it, because everyone doesn't understand it. It’s easy to handle. You start to make something according to your own ideas. Make one first, don’t put too much energy, and then show it to these users and the so-called management. Then you will find these people start them. It’s time to guide them to their real needs.

Listen carefully to the requirements, and then record the requirements description, and then transform it into the corresponding data model, business logic, and proceed to the specific development stage.

Although you hate this process incomparably, this is life and there is nothing to complain about.

Because there are some development projects coming over one after another, so my video recording has to be postponed, and there is no way, life, after all, I have to live the current one after another.

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