Yolov5 fool-style training tools and tutorials on windows

This tool supports yolov5 fast training. Users can start their own training tasks without basic knowledge of yolov5. This tool supports 4 frameworks built-in yolov5 fool-style training, support





Take a look at the screenshot first

Steps for usage:

Step 1: Normal yolov5 environment, usually installed in anaconda3 or miniconda.
Step 2: Open the software, drag and drop the data set to the software interface and click to start conversion to obtain training commands.
Step 3: Activate to your own environment, such as your own virtual The environment name is yolov5, you can use the following command to activate:
conda activate yolov5
paste the command into the window to start training, follow the WeChat public account , the future independent research center can get updated information

Software advantages:

(1) Fully automatic configuration, users do not need to manually configure any parameters, only need to select their own parameters in the software interface to complete the entire automatic configuration

(2) Efficient, label file is automatically generated, category is automatically recognized and converted to network configuration, training instructions are automatically provided for you, users only need to open a cmd window and enter commands to start training

(3) Save time and energy. Allow yourself more time to learn other knowledge or learn more related knowledge

(4) The operation is simple, even a person who has never used training can use it without too much manual intervention


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