android colors! Ali P8 Daniel teaches Android open source framework from scratch, the best summary of Daniel

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To become an excellent Android developer, you need a complete knowledge system. Here, let us grow together to be what we think.

  • Introduction to PagerAdapter
  • ViwePager caching strategy
  • ViewPager layout processing
  • ViewPager event handling
  • related information

I know a lot of good Android engineers, they are not at all anxious, because they know clearly their weaknesses and strengths.

In the communication with them, I summed up 3 points of experience and shared with you:

1. In-depth study of the source code knowledge of the Android underlying framework

Some programmers get scared when they see the source code of the underlying framework and don't know where to start. But to become an excellent Android engineer, proficient in the framework source code is the only way to go.

You have to write more code. If you don't have time to look at the bottom layer, you should dig into the principles when you encounter problems, go deep into the bottom layer in programming, and be familiar with the principles. **General programmers do not do it. When you do, you are better than them.

2. Accumulate more project experience

**The ultimate goal of the code is to achieve a solution for a certain scenario. **It's just that if you don't have much experience, you don't know what the code should be. As long as your Android/Java basic knowledge base is solid enough, after entering the company, you will do a few projects. After you are familiar with the framework, you will continue to try to build wheels. The project experience will naturally increase.

3. Need to master systematic learning methods

There are a lot of materials for learning Android on the Internet, but if the knowledge learned is not structured, and when you encounter problems, you just taste it and don’t study it in depth, then it is difficult to achieve real technological improvement . It is recommended that you first develop a study plan, link the knowledge points according to the study plan, and form a systematic knowledge system.

to sum up

The Android architecture learning advanced is a long and arduous road. You cannot rely on temporary passion, let alone staying up for a few days and nights to learn well. You must develop the habit of studying hard in normal times. So: persistence!

The ByteDance Company’s 2021 interview question analysis shared above. The author also compiled the main interview technical points of the first-line Internet companies into video and PDF (in fact, it took a lot more energy than expected), including knowledge + many details .

[ Android learning PDF + learning video + interview document + knowledge point notes ]

[Android Advanced Architecture Video Learning Resources]】

[Android Advanced Architecture Video Learning Resources]

The Android part of the detailed video is even more powerful after receiving and learning! Enter the BATJ factory and so on (preparation)! Nowadays, it’s said that the Internet is cold. In fact, you get in the wrong car and wear less (skills). If you get in the right car and your own technical ability is strong enough, the cost of the company’s replacement is high. How could you be laid off? It's only the elimination of the end business Curd! Nowadays, there is a flood of junior programmers in the market. This set of tutorials is aimed at Android development engineers who are 1-6 years old. They are in a bottleneck period. Those who want to break through their salary increases in the next year, advanced Android intermediate and senior, architects are even more important to you. Like a fish in water, get it quickly!

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