[Edit, Test, and Learn] Understanding of the Four Misunderstandings of Software Testing

The first big misunderstanding: I think that testing is just a little bit without any technical content.
Most people think that the work of software testing is to install and run programs, click the mouse, press the keyboard, and click the phone screen. This is software testing. The most common evaluation, why such a result, it is because they do not understand the specific technology and methods of software testing caused by. In my cognition, testing is more technically demanding, because unlike developers, it only requires your programming skills to be strong. Software testing requires your requirement analysis ability, business ability, and identification. The ability to code, at least be familiar with a language, but also have a certain ability to write, and so on. With the continuous progress of the times, software testing has formed an independent technical science and has evolved into an industry with huge market demand. If you still think that software testing is very simple, then please don't do the testing. If you do, you won't do it for long.
The second biggest misunderstanding: I think testing is a boring and boring job.
Everyone thinks that software testing is not fun, especially some gay men and some developers, who have never looked down on testing personnel. Many articles will test people. The personnel are compared to the assembly line operators of the electronics factory. What I want to say is that the work of software testing excites us every day. Although each module has undergone meticulous testing, everyone is still so excited and nervous every time it goes online. For example, if you are playing a game and suddenly find a bug, then = you can feel the mood of our most test person, it is like treating the test object as a treasure map, and talking about the defect bug as the treasure map Buried, do you still think that software testing is a boring and boring job? Of course, if it is purely to find bugs, the work will become boring.
The third major misunderstanding: I think it is difficult to get along with development and testing, and the relationship is not very harmonious
There has been a saying in this circle, "Testers and developers are always rivals", and there is a saying that testers are just for developers. Let's analyze these two sentences. In my company, when we discuss everything together, we never use the words "development" and "testing". The second is to use us uniformly. If you can mix with development as good friends, then you will find how life is Beautiful. Although there is a difference in the form of work between development and testing, in essence, they are all for the "success" and quality of the project. And the second sentence, I talked to the development of our company some time ago, because some developers write programs that are really hard to see and must be corrected. So in most of the time, testers are also driving them to make changes.
The fourth major errors: one day think automation will replace little point
which is the industry a lot of people talked about the topic, remember to interview a company, its manager told me very proud of their next goal is to automate replace manual For testing, you only need one or two automated test engineers for each project.
Personal point of view: Of course, I do not deny the role of automated testing, and even I am also interested in testing framework development and other tasks, but automation replaces manual testing? I'm afraid I have to say "NO". It is not difficult to achieve, but simply impossible.
The end user of software is always human, so only human can truly understand human needs. For example, user experience, common sense, etc., which can never be replaced by machines. Moreover, automated testing requires a large amount of resources and workload in the early stage. At the same time, the cost of maintenance is very high, including the construction of the environment, the design and maintenance of test scripts, etc. It is even more difficult for domestic enterprises to implement such costs. difficult.
The above are a few misunderstandings I have summarized. If you have anything to add, please leave a message for discussion.
[Edit, test and edit] The teaching content:
basic knowledge of testing, project combat, test management, agile testing, exploratory testing, APP testing, Linux, database, test environment construction, Python programming, WEB UI automation testing, APP UI Automation, interface function testing, performance testing, interface automation testing, Jenkins continuous integration, etc.
Through learning, students can master the latest technology of software testing companies, benchmark the requirements of first-line Internet companies, so that students can reach the level of intermediate and senior test engineers, and can quickly integrate into the actual work of the company after graduation.
No matter you are a liberal arts student, a junior college student, a basic zero, or a female student, you can easily learn it!

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