XCode upload testflight report error ITMS-90206 in Unity2019.2 and above, UnityFramework contains a solution to the Framework problem

ERROR ITMS-90206: "Invalid Bundle. The bundle at 'my.app/Frameworks/UnityFramework.framework' contains disallowed file 'Frameworks'."

This problem has not been solved after thinking about it for a long time. Finally , the comments of foreign friends in the forum found a solution:


 Record it here, if you still have no solution, you can look down.

Proceed as follows:

1. XCode will first Archive before uploading testflight , first right-click Show in Finder in the project after Achieve is successful

2. Right-click on the .xcarchive file to display the package content

3. Right-click the Products/Applications/xx.app file to display the package content

4. Delete the Frameworks/UnityFramework.framework/Frameworks folder

5. Re-upload testflight to upload successfully!

The above steps can be processed with shell commands, the steps are as follows:

Add Run Script under Build Phases and add the following code:

if [[ -d "Frameworks" ]]; then 


ps: I have this reason because I want to realize automatic packaging and copy the library that comes with XCode into the Unity project=. = (Stupid), just delete the innermost Frameworks folder in UnityFramework.

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