QuartusII 13.1 and Modelsim add external editors GVIM, Notepad++, UltraEdit, etc.

  • First, you have installed an external editor on your computer, such as GVIM, Notepad++ or UltraEdit, etc., know the installation path. Here I provide GVIM, Notepad++ or UltraEdit several editor download and installation links for my own use: https://download.csdn.net/download/qq_33231534/12245896

QuartusII 13.1 add external editor

1. Open the QuartusII 13.1 software and go to Tools->Options

2. Select Preferred Text Editor on the left, select the editor you want to set in the Text editor, and enter it in the Command-line

"软件路径" -c %l %f

, You can also select the file path at the three points on the right. It is best to select the file path at the three points, otherwise there may be errors.


Modelsim adds external editor

1. Set the external editor
    (1) Open the Modelsim software and enter the command in the Transcript command line (the editor path is in quotes):
proc external_editor {filename linenumber} {exec "your editor path" parameters required by the editor}
  to GVIM For example: (note that the \ must be two in the path)

proc external_editor {filename linenumber} { exec "D:\\programme\\Vim\\vim72\\gvim.exe" -g $filename:$linenumber}

Press Enter and enter:

set PrefSource(altEditor) external_editor

Press Enter, it's OK.

2. Change back to using the built-in editor

unset PrefSource(altEditor)


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