How to treat web front-end engineers

  The broad prospects of the web front end are well known in recent years, and the rising salaries of practitioners have also attracted many people. As a new first-tier city, Zhengzhou's rapid economic development has attracted many companies to settle in, and also returned many homesick students, but how about the treatment of Web front-end engineers? Is it too late to learn the web front end? The following is the relevant analysis of the editor.


  In Internet companies, the Web has become an indispensable and important position. Whether it is salary or development prospects, it is the first position in the Internet industry and has become the most "money" in the Internet industry. The data shows that the future is worry-free and publishes more than 10,000 Web design and development recruitments every day. According to the data of the Friend Set, the annual salary growth rate of Web front-end engineers has reached 10% within 3 years of work.

  How about the treatment of Zhengzhou Web front-end engineers? After analyzing 1255 samples, the average salary of Zhengzhou Web front-end engineers was 7750 yuan / month, of which 6K-8K accounted for 35.5% and 8K-15K accounted for 41.5%. With the increase of working years and the improvement of skills, the salary of employees has a lot of room for increase.

  This is good news for web front-end engineers who want to develop in Zhengzhou, but they also need to have a prerequisite to get a high salary: your technology can meet the needs of the enterprise, that is, with rich experience and quick start ability. This makes it difficult for many people who want to enter the front end of the industry. Is it too late to study now?

  Enterprises have a huge gap in the demand for Web front-end talent, and programmers engaged in Web front-end development are among the larger beneficiaries. Learning the Web front end is now an excellent time. Seizing the opportunity and getting a high salary into a famous company is no longer a problem.

  To become a high-paying Web front-end engineer, you must have a solid grasp of various Web front-end development technologies, and you must be proficient in using various front-end development tools. If you want to quickly become the high-paying and high-vocational talents your company needs, you can choose to study professionally.

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