Eight essential software packages for laravel

Eight essential software packages for laravel

Nowadays in modern web development, the more popular model is based on API development, and services can be created through mobile phones or websites. Laravel is one of the best frameworks for creating API-based projects. It provides high-speed development for large communities around the world. Laravel's built-in projects include Composer, which allows you to add some packages to make development faster. When you decide to start a new API-based project, the following useful packages must be installed.


Debugging is a very important part of the development process. By analyzing the problem, the problem is found and the problem is solved. Laravel debugbar is an extension package that allows you to locate problems more easily and quickly during the development process. This extension package encapsulates the PHP Debug Bar in Laravel 5, which uses a ServiceProvider to register and output debugbar information. If you want to try it, please click-> Portal.


Authentication is a process of verifying who you are, and confirms the user's identity after the login process. For simplicity, you should use JWT as the standard method for the authentication process. When you need to transfer data between two parties, JWT (JSON Web Token) is compact and represents URL security. Here is JWT's popular extension package in laravel. PHP entry to master



ACL (Access Control List) is a set operation, which tells the system the access rights of each user. The ACL contains roles and permissions for managing the access of specific users. Laravel and the default ACL are named Gate. Gate is the name of the class and appearance, but in my opinion, Gate is a bit difficult, so let's go to packagist ( https://packagist.org/) and find some simple packages to manage ACLs. There are many packages ACL, z [izaco / commission] ( https://github.com/Zizaco/entrust) is the most popular ACLlaravel package, you should go .


4. Space / laravel fractal

For an API-based project, the most important thing is the output of API response data. Laravel uses Eloquent to output data in json or data format. If you only query one or two tables, the problem is not big, but if you use more than five tables, it is really a bit painful. Fractal provides a great solution for you. It provides demonstration and conversion rules for those complex data outputs. Spatie / laravel-fractal uses facades so that you can integrate them into Laravel projects. Try it out!



UUID (Universal Unique Identification Code) is a group of 128 bits of characters, including letters and numbers, each group is unique, space and time guarantee uniqueness, you can learn more here. UUID protects the system when users access data. Webpatser / laravel-uuid is a Laravel third-party package that generates UUIDs according to the RFC 4122 standard. You can find it here.



Intervention Image is a PHP image processing and manipulation library that provides a simpler and expressive way to create, edit, and synthesize images. This extension pack contains service providers and facades for easy integration with laravel



Davibennun / laravel-push-notification is an instant text message sent directly to the user's mobile display screen. It can increase the participation rate and increase the user retention rate. Not only can it help drive the activities of your message subject, it can also help increase the rewards you see from the application. Push notifications is the easiest extension package to send push notifications to the device. It also supports the push notification service of APNS (Apple) and GCM ().


8.space / laravel backup

The last important thing in a project is always to back up your data. This laravel extension package is named laravel-backup and it will create a backup for your application. The backup is a zip file that contains all files in the directory you specify And database dumps. Backups can be stored on any file system you have configured in the project. You can back up the application to multiple file systems at once.

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