The latest version of Android studio cannot run

Recently, I updated the version of Android studio. There are really various problems emerging one after another. Here I will pick the one that has the most impact and talk about it.

When using the latest version of Android studio to create a new project, even an empty project cannot run normally.

He will report that a jdk version is not enough to use 11 (I have been using 1.8 before, and I don’t want to change jdk for personal reasons)

First take a move to lower the gradle version to 4.1.3 that has been used before

After downgrading the version, it reported that it could not find all kinds of

Finally, I found that changing the version to 4.2.2 solved the problem. At least it can run, but there are several warnings. I have to solve it when I have time. Let’s run it first, haha