Programmer colleagues get off work on time every day, so they used these 6 development tools

If a worker wants to do his work well, he must first sharpen his tools. If he wants to do things more efficiently, he must first sharpen his tools. The same is true for programmers. If you want to get off work early every day, you must use some development tools to improve your work efficiency. Today I will summarize some tools commonly used in work.


In addition to coding implementation, programmers also include architecture design and writing technical solutions in their usual work. Whether it is architecture design or writing technical solutions, drawing is always essential. Clear architecture diagrams, flowcharts, and sequence diagrams can help us understand business logic and architecture principles more intuitively. Therefore, a powerful drawing software is particularly important.

ProcessOn is a very powerful online drawing tool that supports flow charts, mind maps, UML, network topology and other structural graphics drawing, and even supports team collaboration drawing. In addition, because it is an online drawing tool, it shields the inter-system Using differences, you can create graphics anytime, anywhere. ProcessOn also includes a large number of drawing templates that may be used by all walks of life. Sometimes when you have no drawing ideas, you can completely learn from the drawing structure in the template.

Screenshot tool (snipaste)

snipaste is a screenshot + texture tool. You can easily take a screenshot by holding down the F1 shortcut key. You can also adjust the window size and move the screenshot window. In addition, I often use snipaste to measure the size and press the c shortcut key to get the specified location. Color value, pinned to a certain window to view, etc., is a very nice screenshot tool!


Based on low-code development technology, JNPF adopts two mainstream technologies Java/.Net to develop, focusing on low-code development, with drag-and-drop code generator, flexible permission configuration, SaaS service, powerful interface docking, changeable at will workflow engine. It supports multi-terminal collaborative operation, provides 100% source code, and supports multiple cloud environment deployments and local deployments.

Based on JNPF, one-stop development of multi-terminal use Web, Android, IOS, WeChat applets, and one-stop construction: production management system, project management system, invoicing management system, OA office system, personnel and finance, etc. It can save 80% of the time and cost of developers, and has the functions needed to build business processes, logic and data models.

Node tools (nodemon)

Nodemon develops applications based on Node.js. It is a command-line tool that can monitor the preservation of our current execution files and automatically re-run commands, which can improve our daily development efficiency.


Programmers often encounter folders that cannot be found at work, and only remember the file name, and some don't even remember it. Every time I want to search, I find that the file search that comes with the window is ridiculously slow, and I want to vomit blood. It would be great if there was a tool that could search all local files, so Everything came into being.

Everything is a Windows system file search tool, through which you can quickly find files and file locations in the computer, and truly realize a full-disk search, and its size is also very small, requiring only about 14 MB of memory and less than 9 MB Hard disk space, the efficiency of searching files is about seconds, which is many times higher than the file searching efficiency that comes with windows. It can be said that with Everything, you can bid farewell to the embarrassing situation of finding files everywhere, realize quick file location, and greatly save file search time.

Xmind mind map

Xmind is a full-featured mind-mapping and brainstorming software, which can be used for unlimited free trials. It supports one-click switching of multiple organizational structures and theme styles. It is a very useful tool for writing articles and organizing ideas.


Interface joint debugging test can be said to be the daily life of developers. There are many interface testing tools on the market, but they always feel that there are shortcomings. Those who can test interfaces cannot generate interface documents, and those that can generate interface documents cannot perform performance tests. In short, they cannot Cover all interface development usage scenarios of programmers.

Apipost can solve most of the problems. The official claims that Apipost = Postman + Swagger + Mock + Jmeter, that is to say, it integrates the capabilities of these tools. In addition, the interface also supports viewing interface status, which mainly includes three interface statuses: under development, completed, and needs to be modified. The front-end and back-end colleagues in the team can clearly see the implementation status of each interface, which is convenient for everyone to keep abreast of the development progress of each interface. At the same time, the collaboration log can view the modification records of the interface, which is very practical.

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