Research and development go home for the New Year, leaving this open source platform is really easy to use

Hello everyone, Chinese New Year is coming soon, I wish you all a happy new year and good health! The partner company sent a message today, saying that the technology has gone home for the New Year, and the low-code platform built is really easy to use and basically covers all aspects that need to be considered in the design. I want to share it with you.

​Technical design is not static. It is often improved and optimized as the business changes, or according to some problems encountered, but low-code can let the technology follow the business. Let’s take a look at how this project works.

Based on the code generator, after the code is automatically generated, it can be downloaded locally for secondary development, effectively improving the overall development efficiency. Design your portal like "Lego", still using drag-and-drop development, with rich types of forms; you can also customize the content of the design form, and set different work content according to different roles or departments.

No code, drag-and-drop operation, automatic generation of visual applications, flexible construction of business management systems, and faster business deployment. Jnpf's code-free form designer has designed a variety of native components, which can develop the same functional forms for each part. The development mode is also the current mainstream drag-and-drop development, whether you want to develop project management, customer relationship management, invoicing management, Human resource management and financial management can all be developed using the code designer.

The report is visualized, the operation interface is visualized, and various types of reports can be automatically generated through simple configuration, saving a lot of repetitive development work for enterprises.

The workflow engine realizes the modeling of the interface-based process, making the process design simple and operable. Users can quickly realize the process design by dragging, pulling, clicking, and dragging.

 Big screen visualization

Abundant interactive controls and chart components provide intelligent graphic recommendations, and the report graphics can be switched arbitrarily, and are not limited by dimensions and measures. Through the classic drag-and-drop development without code, a large number of data components make data analysis more comprehensive, and the real-time data update function allows you to know the business well, and the work efficiency is doubled.

Powerful APP Development

Through the APP designer, the design is completed without code and synchronously generated on the APP side, which is convenient and fast. The data on the mobile terminal is connected, and can be released to APP, applet, H5 and other mobile platforms with one click to realize interconnection and efficient office.

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