SoapUI command line execution of test cases

SoapUI support for command line run test cases and generate test reports, and therefore can be a good use SoapUI interface test automation testing and continuous integration.

We can use when using jenkins on SoapUI automated execution.

Official documentation:


First check script which options are supported :

Direct execution will be given help manual:
soapUI Pro 4.5.2 TestCase Runner
usage: testrunner [options] <soapui-project-file>
-F    Report format. Used with -R. Valid options PDF, XLS, HTML, RTF,
       CSV, TXT, and XML (comma-separated)
-v    Sets password for soapui-settings.xml file
-t     Sets the soapui-settings.xml file to use
-A    Turns on exporting of all results using folders instead of long
-D    Sets system property with name=value
-E     Sets the environment
-G    Sets global property with name=value
-I     Do not stop if error occurs, ignore them
-M    Creates a Test Run Log Report in XML format
-P    Sets or overrides project property with name=value
-R    Report to Generate
-S    Saves the project after running the tests
-a    Turns on exporting of all results
-c     Sets the testcase
-d    Sets the domain
-e    Sets the endpoint
-f     Sets the output folder to export results to
-g    Sets the output to include Coverage HTML reports
-h    Sets the host
-i     Enables Swing UI for scripts
-j     Sets the output to include JUnit XML reports
-m    Sets the maximum number of TestStep errors to save for each
-o    Opens generated report(s) in a browser
-p    Sets the password
-r     Prints a small summary report
-s     Sets the testsuite
-u     Sets the username
-w    Sets the WSS password type, either 'Text' or 'Digest'
-x     Sets project password for decryption if project is encrypted
Command line format: TestRunner [Options] soapui project xml file
The above content do not understand it does not matter, we direct simple little on the line:
Establish bat file calls testrunner.bat tool in the bin directory of soapUI to execute test cases locally.
bat file contents:
@Echo Off



CD D:\sopaui\SoapUI-Pro-5.1.2-m-SNAPSHOT\bin

testrunner.bat -r -j C:\Users\yangyang.miao\Documents\REST-Project-1-soapui-project.xml -f D:\sopaui\test\index

D: \ sopaui \ the SoapUI-5.1.2-Pro-m-the SNAPSHOT \ bin : the SoapUI installation directory.
C: \ the Users \ yangyang.miao \ Documents \ REST-Project-1-soapUI-project.xml : Address (absolute address) stored in the test case.
D: \ sopaui \ the Test \ index : test report output path.

[Note] sometimes run and will not succeed, because it is a little soapui global configuration file, the default soapui-settings.xml location is C: \ Users \ yangyang.miao

Usually generated automatically at the time of installation

Then we try it yourself! ! !






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