Dry: 3 steps to clear the data analysis goal, many people still do not know

In the movie "Galaxy cram" in Deng Chao played Mahao Wen said to his son:

Life is like archery, dream like Jian Bazi.

If you can not find even the Jian Bazi, then what is the point you bow every day?

Dry: 3 steps to clear the data analysis goal, many people still do not know


For data analysis, if there is no target, the results may not be meaningful not only to work, and may even be people astray. For example, some data analyst, repeated every day work of reporting, the data did not think and analyze, do not know what the target data analysis is gradually reduced to a report produced by the machine , so that my career peril.

Objective data analysis is not a virtuoso. Some people got some data analysis tools in the future, like a hammer in his hand, to see what data like a nail, wait a hammer smashing down. Sometimes, seemingly inscrutable analysis, in fact, may not be able to solve practical problems. Sometimes, seemingly fancy analysis charts, in fact, failed to effectively convey information. Sometimes, the seemingly huge complex analytical tools, in fact, often using Excel can easily solve. Sometimes, seemingly lengthy analysis, in fact, with a short piece of text can be said clearly.

Only a clear goal, it will not get lost, like the navigation software, if the destination is not set, then it is impossible to tell you the roadmap.

Since the goal is so important, then how should explicitly target data analysis of it?

The following three steps, for your reference.

Define the problem correctly

Some people say, correctly define the problem, solve problems more important than 100 times.

I think this sentence is justified, because until the problem is, first understand the nature of the problem. If the problem definition is wrong, then the direction of the solution to the problem may not be right.

Dry: 3 steps to clear the data analysis goal, many people still do not know


For example, Xiao Ming listened to Aunt pancakes monthly income of 30,000 of the story, I thought: Why pancakes Aunt monthly income of 30,000? The definition of the problem, should be concerned about, "a monthly income of 30,000," not "pancake aunt." In other words, Xiao Ming thought should be "how to achieve a monthly income of 30,000," rather than "how to become a pancake aunt."

 Reasonably decomposition problem

The big problem into small problems and follow  MECE principle , that is, to do independent, completely exhausted.

For example, how to achieve a monthly income of pancakes Aunt 30,000? This is a big problem, it can be subdivided. Because income is equal to the number of orders multiplied by the unit price, unit price and the number of orders it is independent, completely exhausted, in line with the principle of MECE, so this problem can be subdivided into:

(1) how to sell 5000 a month pancakes?

(2) how to achieve an average of 6 per pancake sell dollars?

To understand MECE principle, to cite here an example of a playing card, a complete poker, divided into red, black and king size, red hearts and divided into squares, divided into plum and black spades. This division is separate and completely exhausted, so in line with the principle of MECE.

Dry: 3 steps to clear the data analysis goal, many people still do not know



 Focus on key issues

After the problem broken down, it may become a lot of questions.

For example, for a sales-oriented enterprises in terms of how to improve the operating profit? How to increase sales? How to improve the orders? How to improve the unit price? How to improve the conversion rate? How to increase traffic? How to improve your performance? How to increase customer repeat purchase rate? How to develop new products? How to save costs? ......

When too many problems, we can not eyebrows beard grabbed, but according to the actual situation of the business, which focus on key issues.

According to the Italian economist Pareto found that 80 percent of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. It extends this discovery many areas, in most cases, the result was 80% from 20% of the causes, it is known as Pareto rule .

For example, 80% of profits come from 20% of customers, 80% of sales come from 20% of the products, 80% of sales come from 20% of employees.

In order to focus time and energy to do more and more important tasks, we have to seize 20% of the key issues.

Dry: 3 steps to clear the data analysis goal, many people still do not know



This article begins a sentence in the movie, the importance of the goal, and then describes the three steps clear data analysis objectives are correctly define the problem, break the problem rationally and focus on key issues.

Objective data analysis like the sight on the gun, if there is no sight, the gun can still play, but with the sights, the gun can play more accurately.

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