eslint configuration items

eslint check coding style is good, but some spaces wrap error is an error there was the console error in the code which is a bit annoying

In order to put these annoying error to prohibit off

We can be found in package.json file (or found in .eslintrc.js the rules)

"eslintConfig": {
  "root": true,
  "env": {
    "node": true
  "extends": [
  "rules": {
    "No-console": "off", // this error checking is prohibited off the console
    "No-irregular-whitespace": "off" // This prohibition error checking off the box
  "parserOptions": {
    "parser": "babel-eslint"
// ban off these rules rules rules
The following list of some meaning, some rules: the,
"Off" or 0 - turned off (disabled) Rules 
"warn" or 1 - will rule as a warning (and does not lead to examination by) 
"error" or 2 - will be treated as a rule error (exit code of 1, not by check) 

. Common rules 
Category Description 
Possible Errors possible errors or logical errors 
no-cond-assign ambiguous prohibiting assignment operator conditional expression occurs 
no-console disables Console 
NO-prohibited for condition Condition Constant-constant expression in a condition 
no-debugger disabling Debugger 
NO-dupe-args parameter prohibit the same name appears function definition 
no-dupe-keys prohibiting duplicate key object literal appears in 
no-duplicate-case case label duplication prohibition 
no-empty empty banned statement blocks 
no- ex-assign parameters to catch clause prohibiting re-assignment 
no-extra-boolean-cast prohibit unnecessary Boolean conversion 
no-extra-parens ban unnecessary brackets 
no-extra-semi prohibit unnecessary semicolons 
no-func- assign function to prohibit re-assignment statement 
no-inner-declarations banned variable declarations or statements nested function blocks 
no-irregular-whitespace prohibited irregularities to the string comment and blank 
no-obj-calls the global prohibition object as a function call 
no-sparse-arrays disabled sparse array 
no-prototype-builtins Object.prototypes prohibits direct use of built-in properties 
no-unexpected-multiline banned confusing multi-line expressions 
no-unreachable banned after a return, throw, continue and break statements are not up to code for 
use-isnan requires isNaN () check NaN3 
valid forced typeof typeof-expression compared with the effective string 
- - 
best practices best practices 
array-callback-return array mandatory callback method with a return statement in 
block-scoped-var the use of a variable force is limited within the range defined scope of 
complexity specified program loop in the maximum allowable complexity 
consistent-return or return statement always specified in claim return value, or does not specify 
curly force all use the same control statements parentheses style 
default-case requires a switch statement has default branch 
dot-location mandatory before and after the dot consistent wrap 
dot-notation forced to use a dot at any time permitted 
eqeqeq require the use === and! == 
Guard-for -in the requirements for-in loop statement if there is a 
no-alert disable alert confirm and prompt 
no-case-declarations lexical statement is not allowed in the case clause 
no-else-return prohibited after else if statement with a return 
NO-function-empty empty function banned 
no-eq-null type checking prohibits the operator Compare the case of the null 
NO-disable eval eval () 
NO Extra-ban-the bind unnecessary .bind () calls the 
no-fallthrough ban case statements fall 
no-floating-decimal numeric literals prohibit the use of leading and trailing decimal point 
no-implicit-coercion prohibit the use of short symbols for type conversion 
no-implicit-globals prohibited var named globally and the function declaration 
no-invalid-this: prohibit this keyword appears outside the class, and class objects 
no-lone -blocks disable unnecessary nested block 
no-loop-func banned function declarations and expressions in a loop 
no-magic-numbers disable magic number 
no-multi-spaces prohibit the use of multiple spaces 
no-multi-str banned the use of line string 
no-new prohibit the use of the new operator in a non-assignment or conditional statements 
no-new-func prohibiting the use of the new operator Function object 
no-new-wrappers prohibit the use of the new operator for String, Number, and Boolean 
NO-param-Reassign function parameters are not allowed to be reassigned 
no-redeclare prohibit the use of the same variable var repeatedly stated that 
no-return-assign prohibit the return statement the assignment statement 
no-script-url prohibited JavaScript: URL 
no-self-aSSIGN prohibit self-assigned 
no-self-compare prohibit its comparative 
no-sequences disable comma operator 
no-unmodified-loop-condition disable cycle conditions immutable 
no -unused-expressions prohibited unused expression appears 
no-useless-call prohibition of unwanted .call () and .apply () 
NO-Useless-prohibits the concat unnecessary literals literal string or template is connected 
vars -on-top requires all var declarations appear at the top of the scope which they are located 
- - 
strict mode using strict mode and strict mode refers to the 
strict requirements or prohibit the use strict mode instruction 
- - 
the variables variable declaration 
init-declarations required or prohibit var statement to initialize 
parameter names allowed no-catch-shadow and the outer parameter of the catch clause scope of the 
no-restricted-globals disable certain global variable 
parameter names declared no-shadow and the outer prohibited var scope 
no-undef not disabled variable declarations, unless they are mentioned in the / global / comments 
no-undef-init prohibit the variable is initialized to undefined 
NO-unused-VARS banned unused variable 
no-use-before-define the variables are not allowed in the definition before they are used 
- - 
Nodejs and the CommonJS Node.js, the CommonJS 
Global-the require requirements require () appears in the top-level module scope 
handle-callback-err claims callbacks have fault-tolerant 
no-mixed-requires conventional mixing prohibition var statement calls and require 
the use of the new operator no-new-require call prohibition require 
NO-path-prohibits the concat dirname filename string concatenation and 
no-restricted-modules specified by module require disabling loaded 
- - 
Stylistic Issues style guide 
array-bracket-spacing forced to use an array of square brackets in the same space 
block-spacing force a single line of code blocks consistent spaces 
brace-style forced to use the same code block in braces style 
camelcase enforce Camel spellings naming convention 
comma-spacing enforce consistent before and after the comma space 
comma-style forced comma consistent style 
space computed-property-spacing calculated in square brackets mandatory attribute using a consistent 
end eol-last mandatory file retains at least a blank line 
func-names enforce named function expression 
func-style forced consistently using the function declaration or the function expression 
indent enforce consistent indentation 
jsx-quotes mandatory use of double or single quotes in unison JSX attribute 
key-spacing enforce consistent between the key and the value of the object distance properties literal 
keyword-spacing after the keyword forces the use of a consistent space 
linebreak-style wrap enforce a consistent style 
lines-around-comment requirements around the comment lines available 
max-depth nestable block mandatory maximum depth of 
max-len forced line the maximum length of 
max-lines enforce the maximum number of rows 
max-nested-callback s mandatory callback maximum nesting depth 
max-params mandatory number of parameters in the function definition Maximum 
max-statements mandatory function blocks Maximum allowable sentence number 
max-statements-per-line force in each row maximum allowable sentence number of 
new-cap claim constructor initials 
are round when the new-parens requires a call without reference constructor brackets 
have a blank line newline-after-var var require or disallow the declaration statement 
preceded by newline-before-return return statement requires a blank line 
newline-per-chained-call requirements for each method call chain has a newline 
no- prohibiting the use of array-constructor Array constructor 
no-continue disabled continue statement 
no-inline-comments prohibited inline comments after line of code 
no-lonely-if as the only prohibited if else statement statement in 
no-mixed-spaces- spaces are not allowed and-tabs and tab indentation mixing 
no-multiple-empty-lines plurality of blank lines does not allow 
expression allowed no-negated-condition no 
no-plusplus prohibited unary + and - 
NO-Spaced in -func banned spaces between the function identifier and the brackets 
no-ternary ternary operator is not allowed to use 
no-trailing-spaces disable trailing spaces 
There are blank before no-whitespace-before-property attribute prohibited 
object-curly-newline forced to spend the consistency of line breaks in parentheses 
object-curly-spacing enforce a coherent in braces space 
object-property-newline force the object's properties on on a separate line 
one-var forcing function of the variables are either declarations together or separately declared 
one-var-declaration-per- line request or prohibit around var statement linefeed 
operator-assignment request or prohibit require the use where possible simplified assignment operator 
operator-linebreak force the operator to use the same line breaks 
quote-props required object literal name attribute quotes 
quotes enforce a coherent anti-tick, double or single quotes 
require-jsdoc annotation requires JSDoc 
or prohibit the use of semi required instead ASI semicolon 
before the semicolon and semi-spacing after forced uniform white space 
sort-vars claim in sequence with a variable declaration block 
space-before-blocks enforce a consistent space before the block 
space-before-function-paren mandatory before the opening parenthesis function of a consistent Lattice 
space-in-parens force in parentheses Uniform white space 
space-infix-ops required character spaces around the operation 
space-unary-ops force before and after a unary operator consistent spaces 
spaced-comment or forced // / * in Comments consistent usage of the space

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