OpenPose open source library installation

First, download openpose
download openpose

Use Git direct download openpose

git clone

Or go to github download openpose

unzip openpose-Master. ZIP , unzip command by extracting,
 Music Videos openpose openpose-Master, then rename openpose

Change to the directory where the cd openpose caffe
Second, the model file to download

cd models
cd ..

Three, Cmake compilation

Build CD 
CMake .. / 

modify buil / CMakeCache.txt the list of related documents:
Caffe_LIBS -> directory modification cost mounted
Caffe_INCLUDE_DIRS _> include the installation file directory caffe

after # can compile the

make -j 8

Fourth, the test installation

./build/examples/openpose/openpose.bin --video examples/media/video.avi





[ OpenPose environmental structures ] ()

 OpenPose initial introduction installation


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