[Sequoia] database SequoiaDB lit late autumn, the database giant sequoias debut DTC Data Technology Carnival Assembly

November 15, 2019, the Ninth Technical data Fiesta Conference held in Beijing, this General Assembly to "open source intelligence • • cloud - driven development of independent innovation to lead the future" as its theme, to explore the value of the data, were on the smart future. SequoiaDB Sequoia database as a leading financial level distributed relational database, for everyone to bring a new generation of trends and characteristics of the distributed database, but also by sharing giant sequoias rich level financial experience to help you fully understand the current distributed database application scenarios.

**** distributed database development trend

In the morning to share the main venue, the database giant fir co-founder Wang Tao, entitled share for everyone to bring a "new generation of distributed database" of.[Sequoia] database SequoiaDB lit late autumn, the database giant sequoias debut DTC Data Technology Carnival Assembly

Wang Tao pointed out that with the mobile Internet and intelligent financial services, the traditional database has been unable to cope with large volumes of data, the rigid system architecture and the high cost of many other issues, at the same time, the existence of these problems has become a traditional business to promote distributed architecture driving force transformation.
[Sequoia] database SequoiaDB lit late autumn, the database giant sequoias debut DTC Data Technology Carnival Assembly

Meanwhile, in the trend of the future development and application of micro-service cloud platform, the application will not build a "chimney" middleware plus the database schema, instead of using thousands or even tens of thousands of micro-service program to construct complex mesh model. Therefore, a new generation of distributed database need to be able to meet the upper application of elastic expansion, high concurrency, high throughput, flexible and agile needs. And SequoiaDB in these areas have outstanding performance, including:
full ACID support, transactions, and to ensure consistency;

Full support for SQL syntax, the traditional database MySQL / PostgreSQL fully compatible;

Distributed and scalable, respond to changes in the data amount to achieve extended storage layer and calculating the elastic layer;

Multi-mode access interface, support for multiple types of data management and multi-mode access interface;

HTAP transactions / hybrid analysis processing capability, under complicated business requirements, physical isolation of data, without disturbing each other;

Multi-tenant physical isolation and rights management capabilities;

WLM workload management capabilities.

Break the shackles, financial transactions scenes distributed database applications off

As the industry's native represents the next generation of distributed database and distributed database, the database giant fir across the old and new generations distributed OLTP database, and finally insist on self-development, out of the technical route distinctive.

[Sequoia] database SequoiaDB lit late autumn, the database giant sequoias debut DTC Data Technology Carnival Assembly


首先,ACID的支持是必须的。从数据库来看,尽管很多人在鼓吹CAP不可兼得,因此要牺牲一致性,但我们认为这是不可取的。对于大部分公司来说,数据都是核心生命线,绝对不能为了上分布式牺牲数据的一致性和安全性,需要对用户的财产和信息负责。因此,新型面向联机交易的分布式数据库必须对传统ACID有完美的支持,与传统Oracle DB2的数据安全性一致性保持兼容。




Second, the multi-mode. Since last database only for a particular application, middleware and database using one-way binding, and therefore only need to provide access to a model of its own is enough. But when we have a database resource pooling, the application of natural upper face from different developers, different business types, different SLA levels of service, adopt the development process, SQL standards, and security policies vary, and therefore distributed the database must be able to support multiple modes of access interface.

In addition, HTAP, namely transaction analysis mixing capabilities. For example, when a number of accounting data, perhaps the most critical core business applications from real-time online transaction Using these data, but at the same time some of the background of real-time reports, audit or security agencies need to statistical analysis, from different micro-business services may require the same data at the same time by way of trading and analysis of access. In this case, we can not be isolated from the physical resources to deal with the analysis of business within a resource pool, timely access can do it at the same time without disturbing each other on the same data.

Finally, data security is the most emphasis on the financial level of product base capability, distributed database application business transaction, requires more stringent high availability, data security. For financial trading business, "three centers in two" and across data centers, "live" is "compulsory."

Now, with giant sequoias and other database distributed database technology continues to mature, the next level of financial transaction business applications distributed database is the trend.

SequoiaDB 3.4 distributed core transaction evolutionary scene again

Sequoia database also General Assembly formally introduced the new 3.4 version SequoiaDB soon officially released, while updating and improving the database tool matrix Sequoia and SequoiaPerf performance diagnostic tools. Details we will disclose more details in subsequent reports. [Sequoia] database SequoiaDB lit late autumn, the database giant sequoias debut DTC Data Technology Carnival Assembly
Data technology is gradually becoming the core power-driven enterprise and progress, domestic database also more affected by attention on the international market. Self-driven development, innovation and lead the future, giant sequoias database will always adhere to independent research and development and technological innovation, we continue to lead the development of a new generation of distributed database and move forward.

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