Day 63 python learning abnormalities

An exception is the wrong signal occurs when the program runs

Exception Handling: to run the program error message

Resolve exceptions: Use if  


Five, python all of the standard exception classes:

Exception Name Description

Base class for all exceptions BaseException

SystemExit interpreter requested to exit

KeyboardInterrupt User Interrupt Executing (usually enter ^ C)

General Error Exception base class

StopIteration iterator no more value

To notify the exit abnormal GeneratorExit Generator (generator) occurs

SystemExitPython interpreter requested to exit

All standard exceptions built StandardError base class

All numerical errors ArithmeticError base class

FloatingPointError floating point calculation error

Exceeds the maximum limit value calculation OverflowError

ZeroDivisionError addition (or modulus) of zero (all data types)

AssertionError assertion failure

AttributeError object does not have this property

EOFError no built-in input reaches EOF marker

EnvironmentError base class operating system error

IOError input / output operations to fail

OSError operating system error

WindowsError system call fails

ImportError import module / object failed

KeyboardInterrupt User Interrupt Executing (usually enter ^ C)

LookupError invalid base class data queries

IndexError there is no sequence of the index (index)

KeyError map does not have this key

MemoryError memory overflow error (for Python interpreter is not fatal)

NameError not declare / initialize objects (no attributes)

UnboundLocalError access to the local variables uninitialized

ReferenceError weak reference object (Weak reference) have been trying to access a garbage collection of

RuntimeError general run-time error

Methods NotImplementedError unfulfilled

SyntaxErrorPython syntax error

IndentationError indentation errors

TabErrorTab and spaces mix

SystemError general explanation of system error

TypeError invalid type of operation

Invalid parameter passed ValueError

UnicodeErrorUnicode related errors

Error when decoding UnicodeDecodeErrorUnicode

When coding errors UnicodeEncodeErrorUnicode

UnicodeTranslateErrorUnicode conversion error

Warning The base class

DeprecationWarning warnings about deprecated features

FutureWarning warnings about the future structure of the semantics have changed

OverflowWarning old warning about automatically promoted to a long integer (long) of

PendingDeprecationWarning on features will be abandoned warning

RuntimeWarning suspicious behavior (runtime behavior) run-time warning

SyntaxWarning suspicious warning grammar

UserWarning user code generated warning



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