Mycat distributed database architecture solutions --Linux installation and operation Mycat

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Mycat is a middleware database, and can not be directly used when the database, all of its operations in the corresponding database data source is taken out. So we need to be installed to run Mycat corresponding database, here is preinstalled MySQL5.5, installed a total of three servers, corresponding to the three databases.

Mycat is the java language development, operation Mycat we need to install JDK environment, and need more than JDK1.7 version can.

First check the linux JDK

java -version

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Download Mycat Linux installation package

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Move to the directory automatically after the download is complete

// 自定义一个目录
mkdir /usr/local/Mycat

// 将上传的压缩包移动到Mycat文件
mv Mycat-server-1.6-RELEASE-20161028204710-linux.tar.gz /usr/local/Mycat/

Use tar command to extract

tar -xzvf Mycat-server-1.6-RELEASE-20161028204710-linux.tar.gz

Try to start

// 进入bin目录,输入如下命令(启动)
./mycat start

// 进入bin目录,输入如下命令(停止)
./mycat stop

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If there is no error it has been properly installed.

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