Six step successful developer of the open road you halfway decent

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whole world is becoming more and more intelligent, we taxi, meals, tickets can be resolved on the network, the Internet is at an unprecedented rapid development approach. These Internet companies, "Internet +" and implementation of O2O, thanks to the programmer community.

In the software-defined world of today, the demand for programmers continues to rise, naturally, there are a lot of people want to be a developer, contribute to a changing world.

So, if you are halfway decent, I want to become a real developer how to do it? Do not worry, you have identified a small series of "learn six-steps." Not quickly read together with the small series ~

1. Weak three thousand, just take a spoonful Chin
ancients said: "Road have been heard, industry specializing in surgery." As long as it poured water to scoop their own, will be able to make their own career.

Ten million kinds of programming languages, to be found in a lot of learning before a mature developer direction, for a while to learn C #, for a while to learn Java, read the latest list of programming languages, and felt that learning C ++. So scratched his left and right scratch, will only make you feel more itchy.

Learning very sensitive half-hearted. As the saying goes: "injured his fingers off as one refers to" every door all learn a little, might as well learn to concentrate on one direction. Concentrate in one area delve a little deeper.

The so-called "hundred strokes will be as good as a move away", with the trick, you can not be afraid "martial arts" based on it?

2, the professional is king
in any one discipline, professionalism are very important to learn programming language, developers become the same.

Perhaps you have heard such a story, once one of Microsoft's engineering teams to predict a number of months to complete an over seventy years old can not see past two days, a person to complete ...... he is to make Bill Gates of admiration programmers - Dave Cutler (Dave Cutler).

So, proficient and know thousands of miles apart between programming languages, professional standards in order to create value for the enterprise, but also a developer to realize their own value, the key to change the world.

3, share your learning and achievement
in the country "share" concept seems to be rarely recognized by most people, but behind closed doors will not work forever.

If you want to be a good developer, you may wish to listen to the views of others, but first of all on the Internet, such as Github, etc. from your study, programming experience, adhering to the spirit of open source, look at other people / cattle people your works have any comments, draw the public-long, make up our own short.

In fact, this process also share your achievements have been recognized by the opportunity to others, perhaps you'll share the results as a good opportunity to get a good, if not, this is a far-sighted approach.

4, do not tangle in education
despite the academic degree when you are entering the workplace is a stepping stone, but this is often a stepping stone to the door after no use ...... for programmers, developers of the industry, the academic degree and less important .

This is because the market demand, on the other hand is because it becomes a technology live, a craft.

If you do your research and in BAT and other companies, you will find that there are a lot of self-taught engineer.

5, for a number of interview

To become a true developer, the interview is naturally the first step.

So after you're ready, you need to update your LinkedIn information such as job boards.

It might bring a good opportunity for you.

6, good resume and other preparatory work
Obviously, as a man out of the programming work, you do not have a wealth of experience, this is your shortcomings.

So before you actually go to the interview, you also need to be prepared with the appropriate resume to ensure correct information and advance understanding of the company's job;

When asked why he changed jobs to programmers, to articulate why they like the program, what you do and become related work in their leisure time, get those achievements.

Book review

Xiao Bian want to say: If you like, never too late to learn programming. Now is the best time to learn programming, even if the programmer does not become a full-time, part-time may also be done programmatically.

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