maven maven PW notes --maven warehouse and introduction

Recently in learning and I found that we can use Android Studio to build maven repository, learning to share my knowledge about the maven.

maven repository schematic

The figure we can see

1. The central warehouse is divided into mavenCenter and jCenter, deployed in the public network side;

2. PW is deployed in a local area network, the company's developers call the following in the same local area network;

3. Other public warehouses, individual developers to build maven repository, deployed for other developers to call on the public network side.

Benefits maven PW

1. Save your external network bandwidths;

2. Construction of the acceleration process;

3. Third Party deployment member;

4. The improved stability, enhanced control;

The reduced load on the central warehouse.

I hope this blog help small partners use Android development. Promote my micro letter public, then I will regularly update the technology it dry pit or step on the course of development, I welcome everyone's attention!


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