Microsoft's open source C ++ Standard Library achieve its STL

Microsoft recently announced the open sourcing its MSVC C ++ standard library of realization (ie STL), which is part of the MSVC library implementation tool set and the Visual Studio IDE.

Microsoft says open source STL allows developers to keep abreast of their development, with the latest update, and help improve the project. "With the accelerated development of C ++ standardization, and there will be more significant features are voting every year, we believe it is important to accept the main features from the open source contribution."

Project uses the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions agreement, Microsoft said it chose this protocol because this can easily libc ++ STL project and shared code. Note that the STL and not merged with libc ++, both still support the different libraries for different platforms have different data structure.

But if libc ++ characteristics defenders are interested in migrating MSVC STL implementations of, or collaboration while developing new features, so cooperation between the two projects need to consider licensing issues.

Microsoft said it is currently developing a CMake build system is now able to build native desktop STL, need to expand it to all types of tools needed to build MSVC (eg / clr, / clr: pure, OneCore and Spectre). Before completing this work, the team will build the old system remains in stl / msbuild subdirectory (but can not be used outside Microsoft wants).

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