Mybatis source read - file parsing configuration files and mapping

Mybatis source code analysis:

1. The configuration file parsing:

  1.1 Read Source inlet: org.apache.ibatis.builder.xml.XMLConfigBuilder.parse ();


   Function: parsing global profile, calling parse.evalNode () method converts the specified path profile for config XNode object and then call parseConfiguration () stepwise parses each node in the configuration file;


  1.2 mapperElement (): analytical mappers tag, the resolution process is to parse the process of mapping file


2. Mapper mapping file parsing:

    2.1 org.apache.ibatis.builder.xmlXMLMapperBuilder.parse () parse mapper mapping file;


   2.2 parsed mapper mapping file: org.apache.ibatis.builder.xmlXMLMapperBuilder.configurationElement () parse mapper mapping file;

                                                Comprising a request object (parameterMapElement ()), to return a result set (resultMapElements ()), SQL fragments (sqlElement ()), SELECT | INSERT | Update | Delete sub-tab (buildStatementFromContext ())


3. select | insert | update | delete sub-tab

     3.1 parsed select other four labels, create objects MappedStatement

3.2 parsing sql tag to the Senate, the Senate and the type of operation, SQL statements, create MappedStatement


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