1_Linux uptime meaning and system load

1_Linux uptime meaning and system load



1.2, system load: 

  The average load system refers to the system per unit of time, is in a running state and non-state average number of interruptions in the process . Among them, the state can run the correction process is in use or are waiting to use the CPU processes; uninterruptible state correction process is in the process of waiting for I / O access, such as waiting for a disk. This average is taken of three time intervals. The average load is not a treatment based on the total number of CPU systems go, so if the load average of 1 means that a single-CPU system, this process has been occupied by the CPU; while the average load of 1, for a CPU with four of system, the process only takes a CPU, so 75% of the CPU time is free, equivalent to a CPU work, the other three CPU have to work, but only a single CPU fully in the work is not possible, so we say for all the system CPU, the 75% of the time is free. 

  The average load is 2,

    On only two CPU system, meaning that all of the CPU is just totally occupied; (CPU utilization: 100%)

    There are four CPU in the system, it means that the CPU is idle 50%; (CPU utilization: 50%)

    On only one CPU system, less than half of the competition process CPU; (CPU utilization: 200%, 100% overload)

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