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Boo Spring t by Pivotal new framework provided by the team, which is designed to simplify the new Spring initial set up and application development process. The framework uses a particular manner be configured so that the developer is no longer necessary to define the configuration of the template. In this way, the Spring the Boot committed to rapid application development booming (rapid application development) to be a leader .

Spring Framework is Java , an open source application framework on the platform, to provide a control characteristic inverted container. Although the Spring Framework itself has no restrictions on the programming model, but its Java frequently used applications it has become widely accepted, so that was it as the EJB ( EnterpriseJavaBeans ) model supplement or even substitute. Spring Framework for the development offers a range of solutions, such as the use of the core features of inversion of control, and to implement life cycle management container objects that implement Inversion of Control via dependency injection, the use of declarative transaction management, Aspect Oriented Programming, Integration a variety of technical management of persistent data access, providing a large number of excellent Web framework to facilitate development and so on.


Spring Cloud is an ordered collection of a series of frames. It uses Spring Boot facilitate the development of ingeniously simplifies the development of distributed systems infrastructure, such as service discovery registration, distribution center, message bus, load balancing, circuit breakers, monitoring and other data, can be used Spring Boot doing development style and a key to start the deployment. Spring Cloud did not reinventing the wheel, it just will present each company developed more mature, and can withstand the test of actual service framework combined by Spring Boot re-packaged masked a complex configuration and implementation of the principles of style and, ultimately, developers set aside a simple and easy to understand, easy to deploy and easy maintenance of distributed systems development kit.

Spring Cloud sub-projects, roughly divided into two categories, one is a mature prior frame " the Spring the Boot " of encapsulation and abstraction, but also the largest number of items; the second is the development infrastructure part of a distributed system implementation, such as Spring Cloud Stream play is kafka, ActiveMQ such a role.

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