mysql source code debugging and basic research ~ (first edition)

The gdb debugger how a MySQL
   1 mounted gdb
   2 -p gdb the process_id
   . 3 How to set breakpoints
     1 DBUG_ENTER disposed at specific function module ( "");
     2 B function module name
     . 3 BT
  . 4 since gdb cause other operations jam session
       1 set next mysql is stuck from the login to execute sql will need to debug a section of
       2 set contine mysql login need to perform c, if no breakpoint has been run, it does not block any operation after login, until a breakpoint is encountered again operating 
 end 5 process
      kill -9 gdb to
 6 core file is generated
    using the 'gcore core_name' command to generate coredump file core_name. This command will monitor the process status, and then catch the exception, generate a binary file
    using the 'detach' command to disconnect.
7 analyze core files
   gdb core_name
8 commonly used commands bt disass
  mysql source directory
    1 sql mysql parts of the source directory are stored here, including the main () function, our main concern is this
    2 plugin directory part of the plug-in source location, including semi-synchronous replication
    3 client source code directory mysql client tools
 mysql source compiler installation
  due to the online version am non-debug mode, all .so files, I need a recompile installation environment

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