OpenBGPD 6.5p1 release, the BGP protocol to achieve 4

OpenBGPD is to achieve a 4 BGP protocol, which allows ordinary host as a router routes packets exchanged with other devices through BGP. OpenBGPD 6.5p1 has been released, it will soon reach the local OpenBSD mirror OpenBGPD directory, this is the first stable version 6.5 update.

  • Including OpenBSD 6.5 errata 004: Several problems were corrected in bgpd: When you reload the configuration incorrectly deleted no fixed prefix "Network" statement, "export default-route" is invalid and can not be used under certain circumstances "Network0.0.0.0 / 0"
  • Fixed an issue where the next verification, the next time to prevent changes to ebgp session. This use getifaddrs (3) to determine whether the next program is directly connected. Before you implement FIB support platform-specific, this is still a solution
  • Display Test  strnvis . NetBSD added a strnvis, unfortunately, it OpenBSD and Linux libbsd (the former has been around for more than a decade) is not compatible with the existing strnvis. Even more unfortunately, FreeBSD won this incompatibility implementation

OpenBGPD-portable compile and run on FreeBSD 12.x, Linux distributions Debian 9 and Ubuntu14.04. 

For details, see the release notes:;sid=20190802072427

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