Repair memo

2019-4-29 Timothy car crash, repair, replacement probably content: dual headlights, tanks and their frames, grille, front bumper painting, painting and other sheet metal hood.

Remaining problem:

1, the vehicle lock wait a duration of approximately 2 minutes after the alarm;

2, the steering wheel becomes heavier steering effort uneven; there is the feeling of traveling in suspension twist; did not do wheel alignment?

3, skylights set into the upturned position ventilation motor will hit the ceiling;

4, front bumper and wheel arch lining lack fixing screws; not aligned with the slits fender;

5, no shield header tank;

2019-5-19 day

After locking the car sustained alarm problem go away

Compare the current problems affecting the mood is:

1, the chassis driving over bad roads have abnormal sound, like a tire air play more sense; a slight deviation to the right direction; road seams damping variation;

2, broken skylight

3, wheel arch liner screw missing

After coming back from the store 4S, deviation problem, lined screw has been fixed; front bumper and a fender of slits adjusted improved; chassis member examination was the problem, bad road abnormal sound to be observed; skylight repair troublesome, not repair.


      After unloading the trunk portion of the weight, bad road with less abnormal sound coming from the damper, of course, may be the cause 4s-adjusted to 19 positioned; and tire grip feeling is getting worse, the brakes ring tire, high speed tire gateway turn rang, feeling a little danger ah.


  Tiger in transit for a Ferodo brake oil, Hangzhou rain, there are nearly four years did not change, so a change of mind. The way to do a wheel alignment, wheel eat tires found, sure enough, toe last May 19th to fourth son just gave me tune the toe-in direction, not to look at other parameters, no estimate on the shelf. Potholes came up with a lot less tire abnormal sound.

        Days before the rain water go where there is serious grab the steering wheel on high speed, even labeling will grab the spray direction of the road, I do not know whether to follow this good, because the suspected tire contact with the chassis angle and area wrong.

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