Software architect 1

What is architecture? 1, according to the problem to be solved, on the boundary of the target system to define; 2, and a target system according to the principle of segmentation performed; 3. 2, enabling organic connection between the parts, assembled into combined a whole, all the work of the target system.

Definition of a schema: "a software program or computing system architecture refers to one or more of the structure of the system, which consists of software components, the externally visible components of the relationship between the characteristics of these elements as well." Refers to the externally visible characteristics of other elements of the various assumptions made of the element, the element defines the software architecture, the system can and do a plurality of structures

       System Architect's responsibilities: 1, understand the business needs of the system, develop the overall framework of the system (including: technical framework and operational framework); 2, the system framework of the relevant technical and business training, to guide developers. And system development to solve various problems occurred in operation.

       The purpose of the system architect: Reuse of the system, expansion, security, performance, scalability, simplicity, and so do system-level grasp. System architects capacity requirements: 1, system architecture relevant knowledge and experience. 2, strong self-learning ability, analytical skills, problem solving skills. 3, writing, communication and expression, training.

       Software architect this name come from? The architects call is not racking our brains to come out, there is an international standard (ISO / IEC 42010) to be investigated. Architect is one of many roles in software development activities, it may be a person, a group, it could be a team. Microsoft has to architect a classification reference, we refer to, they are divided into four kinds Architect: Enterprise Architect EA (Enterprise Architect), infrastructure architect IA (Infrastructure Architect), specific technical architecture TSA (Technology-Specific Architect ) and solution architect SA (solution Architect).

       As an architect, working in everything that you do? Thinking, thinking and rethinking: in-depth understanding and accurately grasp the needs of the construction business, analyze all visible problems, obstacles, risks, full reference to the existing successful programs and reduce risk. Communication, discussion, game, question: The idea of ​​the program has been continuously questioned to avoid loopholes, listen to the views of all levels, explore new ideas, repeatedly questioned, and gradually improve the existing design ideas. In the hands before implementation, verification of the correctness of the design.

       Architect's way of thinking: awareness of risk management: adoption of best practices, to avoid undue risk. Open-minded multi-faceted: multi-dimensional, multi-directional, inclusive, avoiding exclusive, analysis, questioning, abstract, summarize, there is no absolute good architecture design, only a relatively good program.

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