How to apply high-tech enterprises preferential tax policies

REVIEW: high-tech enterprises preferential tax policies , as the name suggests companies must first qualify for the high-tech enterprises can enjoy the corresponding preferential policies. High-tech enterprises can enjoy preferential tax policies reduced corporate income tax rate of 15%. In addition, there are high-tech enterprises preferential access to government support, and many other benefits.

After the high-tech enterprises valid for how long:

High-tech enterprises valid for three years, during this period for three consecutive years can enjoy tax benefits.

After the expiration of three years companies need to re-identified high-tech enterprises, have become a review, but the actual process of recognition is the new finds.

How high-tech enterprises enjoy preferential tax policies:

Currently taxes are prepaid taxes, high-tech enterprises choose when you can go to the local tax bureau prepaid fill in a form, to bring high-tech enterprise certification to the Inland Revenue Department to verify the identity of high-tech enterprises each year before the final settlement.

In addition to tax incentives to the national high-tech enterprise which policies:

In addition to corporate tax incentives may enjoy reduced to 15% corporate income tax, but all over for high-tech enterprises as well as government subsidies. Each District, Shenzhen enjoys 15-35 million range of the amount of direct subsidies.

High-tech enterprise qualification is one of the primary conditions for the declaration of various other types of government special funds; easier access to investment banks and major VC loans; also the only science and technology enterprises "national" character signs Honor, very helpful in the Internet age promote enterprise remote transactions, online transactions, it is a symbol of corporate power.

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High-tech enterprises preferential tax policies

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