Problems and solutions encountered in the use of Streamsets

1, when adding an external jar package being given streamsets

Loading interface does not come out stageLibrary, background log error:
Internet looking for similar problems, but did not give a solution:

I am here careful investigation log and found the following information:

 INFO  ClassLoaderStageLibraryTask - Reading from Repository Manifest URL:


Copy the link into your browser is accessible, but for a long time to get out the results with the curl command on the host, ping the host name is also a response will be, but still ping through, and finally configure the host name and ip mapping solve problem.

2, StreamSets error log

2019-04-29 14:34:01,070 [user:*?] [pipeline:-] [runner:] [thread:runner-pool-2-thread-38] [stage:] ERROR SupportBundleManager - Support bundle upload failed:
com.amazonaws.SdkClientException: Unable to execute HTTP request:
Caused by:

NOTE: This error does not affect the process execution StreamSets


Streamsets error is due to be deployed within the network can not access the host, you can modify the configuration

1, modify the configuration file

Uncomment if you need to disable the facility for automatic support bundle upload.

After configuration should be reported the following error, in fact, does not affect the normal operation of the task, you do not want to see it can be solved by 2 methods: Uploading support bundles was disabled by administrator.
2, modify the log configuration file or change in the interface: configuration / Logs / Config the Log

3, StreamSets push Directory directory data given to Kafka


Directory modify components Buffer Limit, the default is 128M, modify the size determined by the extent of the file size.

4, after finished streamsets, do not support the Chinese name of the component


From the previous regular [0-9A-Za-z _ \\ s] + modify ^ [\ u4e00- \ u9fa5_a-zA-Z0-9] + $, this regular support Chinese, numbers, underscores, letters

Support spaces, -, _ regular correct wording is: ^ [\ u4e00- \ u9fa5_a-zA-Z0-9 \\ s -_] + $

Note that when you modify the referenced project api version JAR problem with streamsets-datacollector-api's



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