Frontier | world's most influential open source database imminent opening of the summit agenda Ali cloud wonderful preview

US time 28 - 30 May, the global open source database world's most influential summit - Percona Live 2019 will be held in Austin, Texas.

Ali cloud database team invited to attend, will be gathered in a global database with an elite to share the latest innovations and technological achievements and practical experience, then a total current situation and development in the field of the database.

Ali cloud has always been adhering to embrace, feedback, integration, return of ideas of open source feeding the open source community, in terms of open source applications, as well as feedback from the research technique of open source software are very active. The summit, several coffee from a large database technology Ali cloud will bring you eight major issues, Xiao Bian below to take you first to find out ⬇️

Wonderful agenda


Research on the needs of small cloud database

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