No Star, No Fix

As shown in the figure below, after the developer submitted an issue to the GitHub repository of the open source project, the project's Bot replied that the issue will be wontfixlabeled - meaning that the project author will not fix it and will close the issue. The reason is that the developer who submitted the issue does not star the repository.


Therefore, as long as the developer who submitted the issue stars the project (and uses it as understooda keyword to reply to the message above), the project author will reopen the issue.

Seeing the open source author's sincere and straightforward "asking for stars", the questioner was also very happy and replied, " I have followed the project and added stars~ ".

So, of course, it is a happy ending in the end - the questioner's problem is solved, the open source project gets a star, Win-Win!

Perhaps everyone has become accustomed to and defaults to the fact that open source authors should generate power for love without asking for anything in return, so some people will definitely feel uncomfortable with this "hard-to-do" approach of not solving the problem without giving it a star. But think about it carefully, is there anything wrong with what this open source author did?

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