Firefox gets faster in 2023

Mozilla's official blog recently published an article stating that Firefox has made significant progress in improving user experience in 2023, and real users can feel faster when using Firefox.

According to reports, Firefox measures user experience by collecting anonymized time metrics related to browser performance such as page loading, response speed, startup, etc. The article shares how some metrics critical to user browser experience have improved over the year.

  • Optimize page loading speed

Firefox uses the "First Contentful Paint (FCP)" metric to measure user-perceived performance. FCP refers to the time from when the first byte is received over the network to when the content is displayed on the page.

Data shows that page loading speed increased by about 15% from about 250 milliseconds at the beginning of the year to 215 milliseconds in October . This means users receive faster feedback on page loading.

  • Optimize JavaScript execution time

Firefox also pays attention to the execution time of JavaScript code during page loading.

Data shows that the JavaScript execution time in 95% of pages increased from about 1560 milliseconds at the beginning of the year to about 1260 milliseconds in October, a speed increase of about 20%. This plays an important role in reducing page load time.

  • Optimize keyboard response speed

Firefox also focuses on how responsive the page is once it loads. More specifically, it looks at the time from the key press to when the result appears on the screen.

Data shows that the keyboard response speed of 95% of pages increased by about 10% from about 65 milliseconds at the beginning of the year to about 59 milliseconds in August. This means users get faster feedback as they type, reducing typing delays.

The Firefox team said that through these data, it can be seen that Firefox has achieved significant improvements in user experience in 2023. These improvements are achieved by optimizing the browser's performance and JavaScript engine. The Firefox team also stated that they will continue to work on more optimizations and will share more details and progress in future articles.

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