IvorySQL3.0: Based on the latest kernel of PG16.0, it is compatible with Oracle database and then upgraded.

As one of the world's largest database vendors, Oracle has high market visibility and share. However, with the increasing demand for data processing, enterprises using Oracle may face some challenges, such as database complexity, high maintenance costs, data migration and integration issues, etc., which make it difficult to meet the enterprise's real-time data processing needs, resulting in untimely and inconsistent data processing. Accuracy and other issues. Therefore, enterprises need more efficient, flexible and real-time data processing solutions to meet the ever-expanding data processing needs. At this point, enterprises have a cost-effective alternative to Oracle, which is of important and far-reaching significance for clarifying the path for future improvement.

In response to these challenges, IvorySQL provides a solution based on PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database, with maximum compatibility with Oracle and better database migration services. By choosing IvorySQL, you can not only achieve compatibility with Oracle and reduce migration costs and risks, but also enjoy its excellent performance and stability, scalability and better database compatibility, convenient and rich management functions and tools, and open source and Community support and other advantages.

Up to now, IvorySQL has successfully released 10 versions. The latest IvorySQL3.0 version is based on the latest PostgreSQL16.0 kernel and extends more enterprise-level features. Compared with PostgreSQL Community Edition, 3.0 has significantly improved Oracle compatibility and ease of use, providing more comprehensive support for adapting to containerization and cloud environments. It also has more complete features and innovative functions, and a high degree of SQL and PL /SQL compatibility.

#1 IvorySQL3.0 overall architecture

IvorySQL3.0 has rich features and core technologies, including compatibility, high performance, secure heterogeneous database access and other features. Its overall architecture is shown in the figure below.

Figure 1 Overall architecture of IvorySQL3.0

IvorySQL3.0 implements features compatible with Oracle based on the principle of minimizing differences with PostgreSQL. It receives external requests by implementing dual parsers and dual ports, and extends the PL/iSQL framework based on the original architecture. At the same time, the compatibility function is implemented through the plug-in IvorySQL_ORA. This design enables 3.0 to provide similar features and behavior to Oracle Database while maintaining compatibility with PostgreSQL. In this way, IvorySQL3.0 can provide users with more flexible and efficient database solutions.

#2 Oracle Compatibility

>>>More comprehensive Oracle compatibility

In order to facilitate users to migrate to IvorySQL more smoothly, we have added multiple compatibility upgrade functions in the new version 3.0:

1) In terms of SQL compatibility, it is newly compatible with Oracle MERGE command, Oracle q escape and Oracle like.

2) In terms of PL/SQL compatibility, new Oracle anonymous blocks are added to solve the problems of creating functions/stored procedures in PL/SQL, and support the creation of functions or procedures in SQL parser to support nested sub-processes.

3) Newly added compatibility with btree_gist index, compatibility with btree_gin index, compatibility with Oracle built-in data types and built-in functions.

4) In addition, meson compilation is added to action, and compatible test cases, contrib regression, Oracle data type GIN index operation, Oracle data type Gist index operation and PL/iSQL extension are added.

#3 Main features of IvorySQL3.0

>>>IvorySQL3.0 adopts multi-process mode to ensure the stability and scalability of the database under high concurrency conditions. After the client establishes a connection with the daemon through authentication and authentication, it will interact with the shared memory area of ​​the database instance. Background processes such as background writing process, log writing process, status collection process, and automatic cleaning process will maintain the memory structure of the database instance and ensure the access performance and data security of the database. The cooperative work of these background processes allows IvorySQL3.0 to remain efficient and stable when processing a large number of concurrent requests.

>>>In addition, IvorySQL3.0 introduces a dual-port service mode, supports dual parser architecture, and effectively combines Oracle compatibility functions and PostgreSQL native functions. This design allows IvorySQL 3.0 to maintain the native functionality of PostgreSQL while providing Oracle-compatible functionality. In order to enhance compatibility with Oracle, IvorySQL3.0 also provides a PL/iSQL language processing module. This modular design ensures perfect integration with PostgreSQL while improving Oracle compatibility.

>>>IvorySQL3.0 not only inherits all the excellent features of traditional relational databases, such as strictly following the ACID principle, but also satisfies industries and industries with high transaction processing requirements by adopting multi-version concurrency control (MVCC), transaction log and constraint technology. Scenes. At the same time, through native support for JSON/JSONB, IvorySQL3.0 incorporates the flexibility of NoSQL and provides more diverse data storage options. This unique design allows IvorySQL3.0 to adapt to the diverse needs of modern applications for data storage while maintaining the powerful functions of relational databases, providing users with a flexible and efficient database solution.

#4 IvorySQL3.0 Open Source Cloud Platform

Utilizing the integration of open source cloud platforms, IvorySQL3.0 can provide more flexible and efficient database solutions. The graphical interface of the open source cloud platform allows users to build an IvorySQL database with one click, and provides intuitive management tools and monitoring tools. The open source cloud platform simplifies tedious operations such as database deployment, backup and recovery, and disk expansion, thereby achieving reasonable resource scheduling and allocation, and providing users with a convenient, efficient, and easy-to-maintain database solution.

>>>Upcoming open source cloud platform features

>>>Future Outlook:

In the future, IvorySQL will become not only a relational open source database system, but its ecosystem will also include multiple cloud-related open source projects.

For example, the Ivory-Operator project will be dedicated to realizing automated deployment and operation of IvorySQL in the Kubernetes environment, while the Ivory-containers project will provide various tools and templates needed to run IvorySQL in a container environment.

In addition, Hanco's serverless system HGNeon is also adapting to IvorySQL3.0, providing a serverless solution based on IvorySQL. The launch of these projects will greatly expand the application scope of IvorySQL and provide users with more convenient, efficient and flexible database services.

#5 Write at the end

IvorySQL3.0 is a product specially created for users by the core R&D team of Hangao Co., Ltd. based on in-depth research and mastery of the latest kernel of PostgreSQL16.0 and integrating the company's many years of experience in the development and operation and maintenance of Oracle database compatibility features. An open source relational database designed for core OLTP business. At present, IvorySQL has successfully explored the path of localized alternative technologies based on open source database products, and completed the new practice of removing "O" from core business systems in the financial industry.

Here, we sincerely thank every user and developer for their outstanding contribution and continuous support in the development of IvorySQL 3.0 version, making IvorySQL easier to use. In the future, we will continue to build product and community ecosystems, expand partners, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the community ecosystem. Provide users with more high-quality, efficient, and secure products and services, while actively listening to and responding to the needs and voices of users and developers. Jointly promote the digital transformation of enterprises and build a more efficient, stable and flexible smooth “O” removal solution.

>>>Experience IvorySQL 3.0 now

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