Guangzhou Huarui Interactive: 3D digital twin building asset management system displays real-time building information

  The 3D digital twin building asset management system is developed by Guangzhou Huarui Interactive . It is an intelligent display platform based on digital twin technology. It can display various data of the building in real time, providing convenient information for building managers and users Information inquiries and services. Here are some useful functions:

  1. Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring of the operating status of various equipment in the building, such as temperature, humidity, lighting, etc., as well as the entry and exit of personnel. Through real-time monitoring, problems can be found and dealt with in time.

  2. Data analysis: analyze various data of the building, such as energy consumption, personnel flow, etc. Through data analysis, it can provide decision support for building managers.

  3. Early warning reminder: According to the preset conditions, it will give early warning reminders to various data of the building, such as excessive temperature and excessive energy consumption. Through early warning prompts, measures can be taken in time to avoid accidents.

  4. Information release: Release various information of the building, such as announcements, notices, etc. Through information dissemination, building users can keep abreast of relevant information.

  5. Remote control: Realize remote control of building equipment, such as switching lights, adjusting temperature, etc. Through remote control, work efficiency and safety can be improved.

  The 3D digital twin building asset management system is a very practical and intelligent tool. It can help managers better understand the operating status of the building and improve work efficiency; at the same time, it can also allow users to use building resources more conveniently. With the continuous development and improvement of technology, it is believed that this platform will be more and more widely used.

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