Maven download jar package is not updated

There are many solutions to this problem on the Internet, refresh, clear the idea cache and restart the idea, but it is useless, and then I found that the package downloaded from the maven warehouse is incomplete, so I need to delete it. Look at the good writing of this brother! !


Save the following statement into a text file, and change the suffix of the file to .bat, and modify it to your own warehouse path. Double-click to execute this bat file regularly, and you can scan and delete temporary files in the entire warehouse.

set REPOSITORY_PATH=D:\tool\repospace
rem 正在搜索...
for /f "delims=" %%i in ('dir /b /s "%REPOSITORY_PATH%\*lastUpdated*"') do (
    del /s /q %%i
rem 搜索完毕



Please see the link below for details



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