Final2x-an open source image lossless enlargement tool to enhance the resolution to any size

1. What is Final2x

Final2x is an open-source, cross-platform image lossless enlargement tool with multiple built-in models, which can increase the resolution of images to any size, enhance the resolution and quality of images, and make images clearer and more detailed . Currently supports RealCUGAN, RealESRGAN, Waifu2x, SRMD and other models. It supports Windows x64/arm64, MacOS x64/arm64 and Linux x64. I tried to enlarge the image without loss, and the effect is still good.

2. Image lossless enlargement tool interface

Software home page: 

Software settings: 


Image lossless enlargement effect:


3. Final2x function

Cross-platform : Applicable to Windows x64/arm64, MacOS x64/arm64 and Linux x64
Super-resolution : Using advanced algorithms and models to enlarge the image, significantly improving the resolution of the image without losing quality
Multiple models : Provide multiple Various models can achieve different levels of super-resolution effects, and you can choose the most suitable model according to your needs.
Custom Scale : You can flexibly specify the magnification of the image to achieve a more refined super-resolution effect .
Internationalization : support English, Chinese and Japanese

4. Download and install

Click to download

1. Windows can be installed directly;

2. Apple OS

sudo spctl --master-disable
# Disable Gatekeeper, then allow applications downloaded from anywhere in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General
xattr -cr /Applications/

The first time, you need to run the above command in Terminal to allow the app to run, and the first process can be very slow due to Apple's checks.

3.  Linux directory

For general Linux (recommended to download linux-pip)

Python >= 3.6, then check the installation in the terminal

pip install Final2x-core
Final2x-core -o # 114514

For Deb/Ubuntu

Set 777 permissions for files and resource folders

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