Loginsight 3.0.0 officially released: Committed to creating a log analysis tool

loginsight has become my longest-standing open source project, because we really cannot do without a handy log analysis tool.

In order to support various requirements such as syntax highlighting, server-side logging, segmented logging, etc., the source code was refactored from the bottom layer. It is expected that the development cycle of 2 months will be completed after half a year.

This refactoring brings:

  • The log is highlighted, although it is still rough, but at least there is
  • The interface and backend are completely separated, the threshold for open source participants is greatly reduced, and the interface and interaction logic can be more focused
  • Log highlighting not only highlights, but also sets a series of information such as date and level for the bottom layer, which will bring more and more intelligent analysis tools
  • The back-end separation also paved the way for subsequent remote log viewing, which is just around the corner.

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