How to upgrade ordinary user permissions to root user permissions under ubuntu

       In fact, I only now know that the Linux system has stricter user rights management. Under Ubuntu, the system does not allow users with root privileges to enter the graphical interface system. Because I didn't get permission before, this thing fell into the pit instantly.

I want to modify the nginx.conf file under root, but I don't have permission, so I want to solve this problem once and for all, so I think of the user's permission.

The steps I changed are as follows:

(1) First enter the root user in the terminal: sudo su

(2) Then set the root password: passwd root, enter the root password, and confirm the root password.

(3) Enter the command in the terminal: sudo gedit /etc/passwd to open the /etc/passwd file with root user privileges and modify it. (Actually, I want to open nginx.conf and use this, why bother so much)

(4) Find your username at the bottom of this file and change both 1000:1000 to 0

For example, mine is zhouchang: x: 1000: 1000

After the modification, zhouchang will be established: x: 1:1

(5) Save and log out and then I have a tragedy. I can only log in as a guest. In fact, this is still missing a key part:

(6) Terminal open: sudo: sudo gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf 

Change the content of this file to:




greeter-show-manual-login=ture (this command allows you to enter your account when entering the interface, so that it will not be accessed by the default guest)

allow-gues=false (this command does not allow guest login)


Advice: I hope that the general public is best not to change the /etc/passwd file blindly.

I can't access my account now and can only solve it by another method.

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